Living a Life of Ease

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live a life of ease? A life where everything is flowing and struggle and worry don’t exist? A life where everything happens with grace and where synchronicity abounds?

I know I have, a lot!

I used to think I could have this life of ease if I had so much money I wouldn’t know what to do with it. I would be able to buy whatever I wanted without even looking at the price tags and never ever have to worry again about paying bills!

But one thing I have learned is that the grass isn’t actually greener on the other side of the fence.

If you have a major tendency to worry, having money will bring its own set of worries, or should I say, you will find plenty of things to worry about with money.

If you are one to struggle, you will create reasons to struggle even with money.

If you tend to feel that you are in your present, undesired circumstances because of what the world has thrown at you, you will continue to blame the world and circumstances when anything goes wrong even if you have money and will not be fully taking control of and responsibility for your own life.

And the grass will always seem greener on the other side of the fence no matter how many fences you climb over.

The only way to get to greener grass is to water the grass where you are at.

The life of ease can’t be found out there, it can only be found within.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t want more wealth, happiness and a richer and fuller life. On the contrary! You should always want more! That is what makes us tick!

However, if you are wanting from a vibration of lack, of discontent, of worry or of any other lower vibration, you will get back lack, discontent, worry, etc.

It is only through coming from a place of peace, happiness, abundance, love and other higher vibrations that you will be able to bring more of the same to you, and that is where the ease exists.

Your outer life is a reflection of what’s within.

So for one thing, you need to raise your vibrations to be able to attract to you what you really want in life. I gave some examples of ways to do so in a previous post but would like to mention them again here and add a few more.

  • Be grateful for what you already have.
  • Get out into nature to get more negative ions and earth energy.
  •  Sing and dance.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Smell the flowers.
  • Savor delicious food.
  • Be grateful for what you want as if you already have it.
  • Laugh with your children or with your friends.

And some products that are great for raising your vibration that I use a lot are products from VibesUP and Mark Romero’s music.

Right now in this moment the products from VibesUP that I am using are a Divine Mat that I am sitting on for grounding and receiving earth energy, Divine Soles in my slippers for more grounding and earth energy, an Earth Ionizer Pendant around my neck, four Vibrational Therapy Bracelets on my left wrist, and a Flip Top EARTH on the BOTTOM Sippy Bottle for my water. I have other products I use in the shower and others for various electronic devices to protect me from the harmful effects of EMF, my daughters sleep with Vibrational Therapy Teddy Bears and I with a Divine Mask and a Divine Mat, and I love my Infused TREE Shirt and Tank Top. And I’m certain I have quite a few other products from them as well. As you can see, I am a huge fan of VibesUP!

Right now I am also listening to Mark Romero’s beautiful guitar music. His music works like noise cancelling headphones in that it puts out the opposite positive vibration to various lower vibrations to cancel the lower vibrations out. Basically, his music can cancel your negative broadcast to the Universe so that the same negative vibration does not come back to you and helps you get into a higher vibration. I have his music playing on my computer a lot, sometimes even while I am asleep.

Another thing that is important to master if you want a life of ease, is clearing, controlling and calming your mind.

If you just allow your mind to ramble and wander and sometimes go on a rant or take you down negative trails, it will be very hard to live a life of ease. Why? Because you will be living at the whim of your mind. It is important to learn how to have your mind work for you instead of always interrupting you. Becoming aware of your thoughts, being able to stop your thoughts and change them, having your mind think what you want it to think and focus on what you want it to focus on are key to this process of clearing, controlling and calming your mind.

Some resources that can help are the books Creating a Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw, and Do You QuantumThink?: New Thinking That Will Rock Your World by Dianne Collins and the program Clear Mind.

I haven’t finished either of the above books, but they are ones to savor and go back to over and over again while implementing the practices and concepts along the way. They have already given me amazing benefits, and I expect many more to come!

I also love Clear Mind in how it not only calms your mind but helps you tap into your heartwaves. And since the heartwave is so much more powerful than the brainwave, it is really from the this place that you want to be focusing on your visions and desires for manifestation.

I don’t claim to have an amazing life by most standards, but I do know that my life has become one with a whole lot more ease, happiness and peace since I have been on this journey to finding out my purpose,  what I want in life and how to get what I want out of life. I hope that what I have learned and experienced so far can benefit you in some way as you create your own greener grass with ease.

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